The Sewing Revolution is an online school from Sew Contagious that offers courses for both kids and adults.

Yes sewing can actually save you time and money and who wouldn't want that! Once you learn a few techniques you can easily create a skirt, dress or even a pair of pants for under $10.00! Sewing saves you time because you won't spend hours running around from store to store looking for the perfect black skirt or the perfect white top or the perfect whatever only to end up having to settle on something that isn't really what you want and costs more money than you want to spend. Sewing allows you to get exactly what you want for the price you want to pay!

Kids as well benefit from sewing in that it instills patience, its helps kids to develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Sewing helps to reduce a kid's screen time and tap into their creative side and as with other creative projects, it helps your brain to create new brain cells. Of course there's the benefit of it just being plain fun, sewing boosts self esteem, kids develop a sense of pride when someone asks, "where did you get that" and their response can be "I made it"!

Join the revolution, stop settling and start saving you valuable time and money!